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    We offer a full range of warehouse equipment including scissor lifts, floor scrubbers, carriers, tuggers, carts and more.


Looking to rent, lease, or purchase an aerial or scissor lift for your operation? Our material handling experts can help you pick out the right model for your specific application. Already know what you need? No problem. Complete the contact form below and one of our Material Handling Experts will get in touch with you right away.

  • Scissors Lifts

    Scissor Lifts

    Electric scissor lifts have longer runtimes than engine powered lifts and they promote quieter working environments—making them ideal for indoor jobs. Our scissor lifts are available with various working heights and platform capacities.

  • Aerial Lift

    Aerial Lifts

    Aerial lifts are an efficient solution to handling small packages in a variety of applications. A single man lift provides operators with precise travel while increasing productivity with electric lift functionality that eases routine procedures.


We carry a host of industrial floor cleaning equipment, including scrubbers, sweepers and sweeper/scrubbers. No matter the size of your facility nor your budget, we've got the right brands and equipment to meet the needs of your operation. Below is a sampling of just some of the equipment we carry. Contact one of our knowledge reps for a full list of brands and model available in your area.

  • Floor Scrubber

    Floor Scrubbers

    From Ride On Scrubber Sweeper combos to Walk Behinds and even Automated machines, we've got the right floor scrubber for your facility.

  • Power Boss 450 Floor Sweeper | Riding Sweepers | Raymond Handling Consultants

    Floor Sweepers

    Our floor solution experts can tell whether a walk-behind or ride-on machine is right for your facility. Click below to see some available models.

  • Automated Floor Scrubber

    Automated Cleaning

    Address labor challenges, drive efficiencies and maintain a high standard of cleaning with the Scrubmaster AMR automated floor scrubber, a robotic solution designed to work safely and efficiently alongside employees—freeing them to perform other tasks.


From carriers and stock chasers, to automated trucks and pallet shuttles, we've got the right equipment for any size facility and budget. Don't see what you're looking for? Well we're know where to find it. Complete the contact form below and one of our Material Handling Experts will get in touch with you right away.

  • Pack Mule,Columbia Pay-loader

    Burden Carriers

    Burden Carriers can handle the heaviest loads for industrial facilities such as manufacturing plants, warehouses, distribution centers and more—carries up to 4,000 pounds, tows up to 18,000 pounds, and travels up to 17 miles per hour while offering exceptional maneuverability and efficiency without sacrificing durability.

  • Pack Mule Columbia Stock Chaser

    Stock Chasers

    Stock Chasers are versatile utility vehicles capable of delivering needed materials through cramped aisles and tight corners—each comes with an integrated ladder, adjustable back rest and comfort matting standard features.

  • Pack Mule Columbia Expedieter


    Designed for maximum productivity without compromising speed or safety. Its narrow design, tight turning radius and impressive capacity rating enables you to deliver payloads through tight spots right up to the job site. A standard fold-down seat back converts the Expediter into a two-person transport, making it perfect for pulling double duty in any kind of facility

  • Pack Mule Columbia Journeyman

    Personnel Carriers

    Put your staff in a utility vehicle built to enhance productivity across multiple tasks all day long. Engineered to easily adapt and transform from one job to another, the Journeyman is ideal for maintenance, higher education, hospitality, construction, or any other space where safe, efficient transportation is both vital and a moving target.

  • Automate Pallet Truck | Forklifts | Raymond Handling Consultants

    Automated Pallet Trucks

    Maximize workforce productivity and lower the cost of repeatable transport tasks with an automated pallet truck. With labor accounting for 74% of ownership expenses, these smart trucks offer an efficient solution to optimize resources.

  • Pallet Handling System | Raymond Handling Consultants


    The Raymond Radioshuttle is a semi-automated high-density storage system that allows you to maximize your warehouse space, maintain selectivity between all levels, and increase efficiency. It transports pallets while you're busy with other tasks.

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