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    Raymond Handling Consultants provides conveyor and sortation systems that integrate with your facility operations and drive efficiency through automation.

  • Moving Products and Pallets

    An Efficient Way to Move Products and Pallets Through Your Facility

    Take your facility to peak productivity by moving products—and even complete pallets—from one end of the warehouse to the other more quickly and with fewer hands manning the process. Automation solutions like conveyor systems from Raymond Handling Consultants drive efficiency for not only your operation, but also your business.

  • High-Speed Sorting

    High-Speed Sortation Boosts Your Bottom Line

    Take your conveyor system one step further with a sortation system. Highly flexible and extremely accurate, automation solutions like sortation systems can also reduce labor costs by 50—70%.

  • Successful Integration

    Successful Integration Means Successful Implementation

    Raymond Handling Consultants never intended for conveyor and sortation systems to take over your warehouse. In fact, quite the opposite—our team makes it our top priority to understand your current processes and introduce automation into your current facility, providing a smooth implementation and improved operation.

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