• Partnering For Success

    Do you have a material handling supplier that's working for you? Or one that's just "working"? At Raymond Handling Consultants, we're more than a supplier—we're a full-service partner. Our team of consultants, technicians, and specialists all have the same goal in mind: Improving your operation and maintaining a long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationship.

    Whether you have a few forklifts that need occasional maintenance, or a fleet of lift trucks and equipment requiring regular service, asset management, and consultation, our team of knowledgable Associates has got you covered.

  • iTRACK Maintenance Tracking and Asset Management System

    Fleet Survey

    Looking to identify the maintenance costs associated with your current fleet of forklift trucks and equipment? Want to reduce downtime and improve productivity? One of our expert consultants will perform a free fleet survey to determine your fleet size and make-up, estimated maintenance costs, and the effects of downtime.

  • Allied warehouse products

    Warehouse Study

    A warehouse study from Raymond Handling Consultants will help you identify areas of improvement within your current operation, and give you a better understanding of the associated costs. Following the study, one of our expert consultants will walk you through their findings to help determine the right way to improve your warehouse.

  • Warehouse Safety Consulting | Raymond Handling Consultants

    Safety Review

    Improve the safety of your warehouse operations with expert consultation from Raymond Handling Consultants. We can help you reduce damage to forklift trucks and material handling equipment, prevent common accidents from occurring, and meet and exceed industry compliances like OSHA requirements.

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