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    Raymond Handling Consultants has a large fleet of used forklifts and equipment throughout Central & Northern Florida.

    Looking for used lift trucks and equipment to supplement your current fleet? Raymond Handling Consultants offers a large selection of used lift trucks, including Raymond RENEWED vehicles.

    The Raymond Handling Consultants Support Team is focused on providing what you need at very economical price points. Our pre-owned program provides access to thousands of Raymond and other manufacturers' lift trucks. It's our goal to make acquiring used equipment easy and affordable.

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    Raymond lift trucks serviced by Raymond Handling Consultants aren't Used, they're RENEWED.

    Our Raymond RENEWED Pre-Owned lift trucks are expertly engineered, energy efficient and provide a quality forklift at an affordable price. We take pride in providing exceptional value and in the fact that our Raymond RENEWED lift trucks look and perform like new.

    RENEWED vehicles include everything you expect from Raymond lift trucks: efficient designs, quality parts, and exceptional performance. Complete with our Raymond RENEWED Assurance Buy-Back Guarantee.

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